The colloquium will start on Monday afternoon, September 3rd (opening session, welcome reception). The papers will be presented in plenary and parallel sessions from Tuesday, September 4th through to Friday, September 7th (closing session in the afternoon). There will be an excursion one afternoon (Wednesday or Thursday) during the colloquium and possibly, if a sufficient number of participants are interested, a longer one on Saturday 8th. The conference dinner will take place either on Thursday (September 6th) or on Friday (September 7th) evening.


The colloquium will be held in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Latin. It will be devoted to all linguistic aspects of Late and Vulgar Latin (including the transition from Latin to Romance). As per usual, papers will be limited to 30 minutes (including questions), meaning there will be 20 minutes for each paper, followed by a discussion of 10 minutes.


The programme will be available on our website in June 2018